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Direct Tire & Auto Service
126 Galen St     
Watertown MA, 02472    
Phone: 617-923-1800   
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Direct Tire and Auto Service

Direct Tire and Auto Service is committed to offering our customers the most options available in New England for any of the services we perform. Your vehicle is very unique to you and finding just the right tire, wheel, exhaust or other component goes a long way towards reflecting that and creating a partnership with the road. We are enthusiasts and scour the globe for the finest the Motoring World has to offer.
If for some reason you don’t see what you want, just contact us and we’re sure we can get it for you. At Direct Tire and Auto Service, we know how important choice is!
Tires and Weels
Choices. Everywhere you turn these days, you are confronted with so many options in so many different areas.
At Direct Tire and Auto Service, this concept is nothing new. Since 1974, we have offered Boston Area Motorists the widest variety of selections of tires and wheels for their Car, Truck or SUV available.
We stock Summer Tires, Winter Tires and All Season Tires by all the major brands. We carry full lines of Steel Wheels, Aluminum Wheels and Chrome Finished Wheels in sizes from 12” to 28”, from simple to extravagant designs.
Sure, you’ve got that 3.2 liter that takes you to 55 (ahem!) mph in no time flat. But you, as they kinda say, “must come down.” And that’s where the Braking Systems come in.
With today’s more powerful engines, keeping your brakes in top form becomes more important all the time. City driving with it’s starts and stops takes it’s own toll on brake components. And you want some place you can trust to have safe, reasonably priced service that doesn’t compromise on quality.
Direct Tire and Auto Service understands all of this and has been performing the finest in reliable brake service for almost 30 years. We also make brake service convenient with our Free Loaner Car Program: Drive Ours While We Fix Yours.
Exhaust System
Think of exhaust systems as your vehicle’s voice. Are you loud and brassy? Quiet and demure? Or somewhere in between?
At Direct Tire and Auto Service, we’ll help you in finding your own particular style from the mundane to the exotic. Often overlooked is the fact that exhaust systems play a key role in your engines performance.
Matching the right exhaust system to the correct vehicle and driving habits is essential and our staff is trained to listen to you and your vehicle to get it right the first time.
We carry a full range of Original Equipment (OE) and the finest in Aftermarket exhaust systems and components to satisfy any taste and budget.

Air Conditioning & Heater Core Repairs
Auto Radiators Replacement and Repairs
Brakes Repair and Replacement
Car Batteries Replacement
Exhaust & Mufflers Replacement
Oil and Filter Change
Shocks & Struts Repairs
Steering & Suspension Replacement
Tires Replacement and Repairs
Wheel Replacement, Alignment, Balancing
Short Description
We Want to be Your Regular Mechanic! Let us handle all your routine motoring needs, including all scheduled maintenance that is fully compliant with your vehicle’s warranty. We are open from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM - Monday through Friday. We are open from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM on Saturdays.
Allston, Ashland, Boston, Braintree, Brighton, Brockton, Cambridge, Dedham, Everett, Hyde Park, Malden, Mattapan, Natick, Peabody, Quincy, Randolph, Somerville, Wakefield, Waltham, Watertown, Worcester
Obtaining a free auto repair estimate is quick and easy! Simply fill in our free auto repair estimate form, and we'll send you a free estimate right to your email. We know your time is valuable - so when your vehicle needs repair, you need reliable information fast. That's why we make it easy to get the trusted car repair advice you seek, right here at Auto Boston.
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