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Belmont Auto Clinic
180 Belmont St.     
Watertown MA, 02472    
Phone: 888-441-8793   
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Belmont Auto Clinic
Belmont Auto Clinic and their seasoned personnel provide their customers a wide range of car repair services such as car tune ups, changing the oil, repairing the vehicle’s air conditioning units, fixing the auto brakes, providing wheel replacements and alignments as well as providing repair services for the vehicle’s transmission units. Each part is vital for the vehicle to function well and smoothly on the road or elsewhere. Customers are well assured that their vehicles are in safe hands as ASE certified car mechanics are in charge with every automotive repair. In addition, the Belmont Auto Body also offers services in towing the customer’s vehicle. The shop also provides their customers pick-up and delivery services for no additional charge to the customer.
Being seasoned professionals in the field of auto repair, the Belmont Auto Body is able to offer customers added conveniences. Having worked with all of the major insurance companies, the Belmont Auto Body Shop is able to offer its knowledge and expertise in these fields. They also give the customer added flexibility and options with regards to giving payments. The shop is also open to receiving alternative modes of payment. These alternative modes of payment include the use of credit cards from major card companies such as the MasterCard, American Express and VISA. When in the area of Belmont, remember the name of Belmont Auto Body.
The Belmont Auto Body has been in the business of auto repair for the last 27 years, their mechanic shop and auto mechanics having extensive experiences working with all of the major auto insurance companies. They accept payments from all major credit cards including MasterCard and Visa. Compared to other auto body shops in the area which offer automotive repair, the Belmont Auto Clinic is conveniently located in Watertown MA, flanked by the cities of Belmont, Waltham, Cambridge as well as Newton and Brookline. The auto repair shop specializes in automotive repair for auto, trucks, vans and car repair using services of ASE Certified auto mechanics. As a car repair shop, the Belmont Auto Body has its own body and paint shop and is also able to offer auto repair services as well as a car repair estimate.
The Belmont Auto Body is able to offer a variety of vehicle motor repair services including tune up, oil change, air conditioning, brake services wheel replacement and tire alignment, air conditioning and heater core repairs as well as transmission service. A number of additional services include towing services along with pick up and of course delivery. Auto transmissions or gearboxes are essential in providing the automobile speed and torque through a series of rotating gears. In cases where the transmission repairs are required, any repairs regarding the vehicle’s auto transmission are performed by specialized transmission mechanics employed in the shop.
The automotive air conditioning unit is also a vital part of the vehicle as it maintains a core temperature that is comfortable for the riders of the vehicle. An auto air conditioning unit provides the right cooling or heat when it is functioning well. For dysfunctional automobile air conditioning units, the Belmont Auto Body offers repair services for the auto air conditioning through car heater repair as well as radiator repair.
Belmont Auto Body is also a brake repair shop. An auto brake is essential in reducing the speed of the vehicle or forcing it to stop in the shortest amount of time and distance possible. As an essential part of the vehicle which could save lives, auto brake repair should not be entrusted with just any ordinary mechanic. The Belmont Auto Body Shop provides reliable and high quality auto break services for the customer’s auto brakes as well as for other related engine repair.
The wheels are the parts which help the vehicle move along the road. These are the components which come into contact with the ground the most. How the wheels are aligned affect the way the vehicle travels as well as the amount of wear on the tire. Belmont Auto Body offers superb tire repair services as well as auto wheel alignment to make sure that the car travels straight and true, as according to the manufacturer’s handling specifications for the model,

In unfortunate circumstances that require the vehicle to be moved from a specific location to another, Belmont Auto Clinic is also able to offer auto towing services, providing a more well-rounded set of services for the consumer.
We serve : Cambridge, Waltham, Belmont, Newton, Needham, Roxbury, Aubundale, Brooline
Air Conditioning & Heater Core Repairs
Alternators Check and Replacement
Auto Body Collision Repair
Auto Glass Repair and Replacement services
Auto Paint, Computerized Color Matching
Auto Radiators Replacement and Repairs
Auto Tune-Ups and Maintenance Service
Automobile Frame Straightening
Automotive Body Work
Automotive Starters Repairs
Belts & Hoses Replacement
Brakes Repair and Replacement
Bumper Repair
Car Batteries Replacement
Car Chassis Welding
Car Computer Diagnostics
Car Emissions Repair
Car Rental Services
Car Water Pumps Replacement
Car Windshield Repair
Car Winterizing
Catalytic Converters Repair
Clutches Repair and Replacement
CV Joints Replacement
Exhaust & Mufflers Replacement
Free Pick-Up and Delivery
Front End Repair Services
Oil and Filter Change
Paintless Dent Removal
Power Steering Repair and Maintenance
Shocks & Struts Repairs
Steering & Suspension Replacement
Timing Belts Replacement
Tires Replacement and Repairs
Touch-Up Car Painting
Wheel Replacement, Alignment, Balancing
Short Description
As an auto mechanic shop providing high quality services, the Belmont Auto Clinic offers  every type of auto repairs. Belmont Auto Clinic  is suitably located  and close to Waltham, Cambridge, Newton and Brookline. We are an automotive repair shop providing valuable services for over 27 years. Our car repair shop offers a variety of automotive repair services for  any vehicles.
Allston, Ashland, Boston, Braintree, Brighton, Brockton, Cambridge, Dedham, Everett, Hyde Park, Malden, Mattapan, Natick, Peabody, Quincy, Randolph, Somerville, Wakefield, Waltham, Watertown, Worcester
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