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Modern Collision Center
57 New Salem St.     
Wakefield MA, 01880    
Phone: 888-712-4187   
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Modern Collision Center
When it comes to auto body shops, not everyone specializes in car damage repair.  At Modern Collision Center, we provide auto body repair manually and using state-of-the-art technology to get your car looking good as new.  Auto body repair generally can be much more complicated than routine automobile body work, especially when there’s extensive damage, and our automotive repair services are unmatched.  Along with frame straightening and complete automotive restoration, our car body repair shop makes sure the details are right with computerized color matching.  Our automobile service center coordinate with your insurance company — we want to make a difficult process as easy as can be!

After any size collision, vehicles need to be serviced and repaired. Modern Collision Center can handle auto accident repairs of all sizes, large or small, unlike some collision repair shops.  Another way you will notice we stand out among auto body collision repair centers is through our high quality car accident repair and the fast service you will receive from our certified automobile collision repair specialists. When you come to us after you have had an accident, auto repair shouldn’t make things any harder than they already are!  You know you’re putting your vehicle into good hands with Modern Collision Center.  We always give you a good price, providing a prompt collision repair estimate, so you can be sure that you are getting the best deal around from the very beginning.  We even coordinate with your insurance company to make sure you’re getting the best service for your coverage.  Our collision and accident car repair services are comprehensive — top to bottom and large to small — including both collision body repair and refinishing.  At our body shop, collision repair is the priority — our services are always fast, easy, and economical.

We always make sure the details are just right.  Our auto body painting is done by specialists. Custom painting of autos is often necessary to restore their appearance after major damage, and we custom paint autos of many makes and models.  We are also experienced in automotive scratch repair, so if the damage is minor, we can make your paint job perfect again!

A high impact crash can damage the structure of your car, making it unfit for the road.  Auto door repair is essential to getting your car back on the road.  Everyone knows doors are easily damaged in side-impact crashes, but structural damage to door frames requires repairing the entire framework of the car.  Body panel repair is a large-scale undertaking that many automotive body shops are not equipped to handle.  At Wakefield Collision Center, we have the latest in collision repair technology, including auto body frame straightening machines. So even if your vehicle has been seriously damaged — including the panels or frame — we can take care of your vehicle accident repair! Towing available.  We are so much more than you’d expect from a local car crash repair shop.
We serve : Wakefield, Reading, Stoneham, Woburn, Peabody, Saugus, Lynnfield, Wilmington, Burlington, Salem, Melrose, Lynn, Lynnfield

Excellent 11/10/2010  Sam Berger    Boston, Massachusetts
My service at modern collision center was excellent. Alex and his staff were knowledgeable, experienced, and nice. There was nothing to complain about. I highly recommend you service your vehicle at this company.
Excellent 03/05/2011  Inna G.    Melrose, Massachusetts
I have had the pleasure of doing business with this company on a few occasions and the service has been nothing less than excellent. They are very thorough in their work and they do it quickly and efficiently. I would one hundred percent recommend it to anyone who would need any work done on their vehicle.

Alternators Check and Replacement
Our auto shop is one of the best place to have your Alternators fixed. Do not search any longer, Stop by and we will check, test and if needed to replaced it. Our auto mechanics are proudly serving customers from surrounding towns and cities for many years. Give us a phone call today!!
Auto Body Collision Repair
Auto repair is our specialty so you can be sure that our highly qualified team will check everything to find all possible damages. Modern equipment and quality materials allow us to achieve great results. So come to us with any problem you have in your vehicle, and we will repair everything.
Auto Paint, Computerized Color Matching
These days painting jobs need a large amount of expensive equipment to be high quality. So if you want your car to look great, take it to our workshop for a painting job because we have everything needed including computerized color matching and other necessary equipment.
Auto Radiators Replacement and Repairs
The radiator regulates the temperature of your carís engine. In fact the cooling system has a lot of different components, and any problem in the radiator can easily lead to the serious damage of the engine. We are not only ready to make repairs but also to perform a detail check so that you can avoid having problems in the future.
Automobile Frame Straightening
Frame straightening is not an easy kind of repair, and it usually needs special equipment. But as long as we have all the needed equipment, you can rely on us. No matter how hard the repair is, we can handle all the challenges, so take your car to our shop to perform frame straightening.
Automotive Body Work
There is no doubt that the look of your car is really important, and that is why all bodywork has to be performed professionally. Our technical team uses only excellent quality material and up-to-date equipment that guarantees reliability. So just contact us and the results will impress you!
Belts & Hoses Replacement
Your car has a huge number of belts and hoses, and all of these parts have to perform their job properly. So to keep your car in excellent condition, we recommend checking the belts and hoses regularly. You can come to us just for this or have them checked when you change the fluid in your vehicle.
Brakes Repair and Replacement
Your carís brakes not only stop it at the traffic light, but they can help you to avoid accidents and even save your life in some situations. So if you want to be sure of your vehicleís brakes, you can get them regularly checked up at our shop. Our technician will repair or replace them if any problem is discovered.
Bumper Repair
Being the front part of your vehicle, the bumper usually gets most of the damage even in the slightest accident. And, in fact, bumper repair is not that easy, but our specialists can handle even this difficult job. So you can bring us any kind of damaged bumper, and we will return the bumper to its original look. Decorative parts such as plastic bumpers are very often damaged even in small accidents. With us you will not only get perfectly looking bumpers, but all the systems involved will work properly.
Car Batteries Replacement
The battery is the heart of your carís system, and its condition is very important for the performance of your vehicle. Just make a visit to our shop, and we will check your battery and the other electrical components in your car. All repairs of the electrical system are done accurately and very fast.
Car Chassis Welding
The chassis supports the entire car so any repair made to the chassis has to be done at a high quality level. With our auto repair shop you will get reliable chassis welding and other kinds of repairs. We perform the repair accurately and carefully to guarantee your future safety.
Car polishing, waxing and cleaning
Auto detailing is important for the look of your car, so it is recommended that you do it at least once in two or three weeks. You can have this job done at our service and repair shop, and we will guarantee you the highest quality of auto detailing. You will definitely be amazed with the result!
Car Rental Services
There many different situations when you might need a car. (Your vehicle might be damaged in an accident, for example.) And in that case you also can come to us because we offer rental cars. Our prices are competitive so you wonít have any problem with a replacement vehicle.
Car Towing (for repairs)
Along with a huge list of auto repair services, we are ready to offer you almost all kinds of towing. So if you have any difficulty getting your vehicle to our workshop, just let us know and we will handle everything. All the equipment we have allows us to do the necessary work fast and easily.
CV Joints Replacement
The CV joints are used to transfer the torque from your carís engine onto the wheel. They are complex and their repair can be really expensive. That is why we recommend that you take your car to a workshop regularly to check the CV joints. Come to us so that we can save you a lot of money.
Exhaust & Mufflers Replacement
If you want your vehicleís engine to work perfectly, then you need an exhaust system and muffler that are in excellent condition. Here at our workshop your exhaust system will be carefully checked and tuned to guarantee its best performance. Just contact us, and we will take care of you!
Fiberglass Repairs
Different fiberglass components in your vehicle look perfect, but the problem is that they break easily. But for us they are not a problem at all. If you have your car serviced at our shop, you can get the best fiberglass repair done. Just make an appointment and leave all your worries to us.
Free Pick-Up and Delivery
To make you life much each easier we offer free pickup and delivery, so you have nothing to worry about. If you have any kind of damage, we are ready to take care of everything, and we will take your car from you, perform all the needed repair jobs, and return it right to your front door.
Front End Repair Services
Have you been in a car accident?? If your car is in need for the Front End repair associated with collision - our auto garage is the right place to bring your vehicle to. We are a highly professional team of auto technicians and ready to fix this kind of problems quickly. Give us a call today!
Oil and Filter Change
Oil Change and Filter replacement are necessary maintenance to keep your car performing at its best.Our auto technicians use the best products and parts, our prices are very reasonable and quality is superb. Contact us today, make an appointment and we will take care of your vehicle.
Power Steering Repair and Maintenance
Most modern cars have power steering to make driving easy, and any problem with the power steering of your vehicle can be really disappointing. But at our auto repair shop you can get the steering back to normal really fast. And what is also great is that we will perform the job at a reasonable price.
Shocks & Struts Repairs
Shocks and Struts in your vehicle need to be replaced? And if this is associated with your vehicle collision- do not look for any other auto shops - call us and we will do the best job possible, provide a high quality repair and superior customer service. We are the experts in auto repairs!!!
Wheel Replacement, Alignment, Balancing
The improper condition of your car wheels makes steering much harder and can lead to a serious accident. So to avoid a possible problem, we recommend that you regularly check the wheel alignment and balancing. We offer you such services and do wheel repairs or replacements if necessary.
Short Description
Modern Collision Center provides world-class automobile body work and car damage repair services such as auto body painting, scratch repair, and frame straightening!  With our many years in business, we have expertise in all domestic and foreign cars, vans, and small trucks, and experience working with all major insurance companies to get you the best deal.  Our auto body shop is in Wakefield, MA.
Allston, Ashland, Boston, Braintree, Brighton, Brockton, Cambridge, Dedham, Everett, Hyde Park, Malden, Mattapan, Natick, Peabody, Quincy, Randolph, Somerville, Wakefield, Waltham, Watertown, Worcester
Obtaining a free auto repair estimate is quick and easy! Simply fill in our free auto repair estimate form, and we'll send you a free estimate right to your email. We know your time is valuable - so when your vehicle needs repair, you need reliable information fast. That's why we make it easy to get the trusted car repair advice you seek, right here at Auto Boston.
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