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Worcester Auto Center
115 Chandler St.     
Worcester MA, 01609    
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Worcester Auto Center
Worcester Auto Center
Auto Body Repairs
Insurance Estimates
Are you looking for the best auto repair shop in Worcester area? You are on the right way!
We are one of the best auto repair and auto body collision center on referral list of most insurance companies in the area. Our well-trained specialists deal with any collision repair in Worchester, MA and cities and towns around. You may trust our highly professional auto repair specialists, they all have ASE certificates and work experience more than fifteen years. We provide our customers with full car service: all kinds of body work with guarantee, auto glass replacement, registered emission repairs, computerized color matching and much more. We take leading positions in auto repair service in Northborough, МА and area.
Wе offer not only auto body work in Worcester, MA, but also car damage repair in Worcester area аand beyond. Our highly qualified staff will perform the best car painting in Worcester, MA. We are using only top-quality coloring equipment and provide computerized color matching. We will make your car look like brand new! Do not hesitate to call us and you will get the best car painting for a very competitive price and in a timely manner.
If you car is seriously damaged and it’s not drivable any more, we provide you with free towing after accidents for repair. Our highly skilled staff will make your vehicle look perfect. We fix cars in Worcester area and give you guarantee for our superior work.
If you need a new vehicle, we sell cars too.
You should inevitably include our shop in to your list of important contacts, because it is one of the best auto body and repair center in Westborough area. It is not that easy to find professionals providing this type of service for such a good price! This car repair in Worcester, MA, is for people who wants the perfect result in a shortest period of time!
We serve : Worcester, Northborough, Westborough, Shrewsbury and many more
Air Conditioning & Heater Core Repairs
Heating and air conditioning systems are intended to make your driving much more pleasant. So it is really disappointing when something just doesnít work right. But for our specialists there is no problem. Just come to our workshop and we will get your air conditioner and heater back to normal.
Alternators Check and Replacement
The alternator is an important part of your carís electrical system. It not only charges the battery, but it also keeps the electrical components working. That is why it is so important to check your alternator regularly and replace it if necessary. At our workshop your alternator will be completely checked.
Auto Body Collision Repair
At our body shop we are always ready to offer you collision repair no matter how serious the damage is. Our highly qualified specialists can perfectly repair a small scratch as well as huge bumps. With the equipment we have, your car will look new.
Auto Body Shops
The list of services we offer at our auto body shop is pretty impressive. No matter what kind of problem you have with your car, our highly qualified technicians can solve it. Another great advantage of our auto body shop is the competitive prices we have. You wonít be disappointed with the results.
Auto Glass Repair and Replacement services
Even a slight damage to your vehicleís glass can bring about a huge problem. Glass repair and replacement services are usually pretty expensive. But you will be surprised with our reasonable pricing for that kind of repair service. And of course the high quality of our glass or replacements is guaranteed.
Auto Paint, Computerized Color Matching
We are glad to offer you high quality auto body painting. Our modern equipment allows us to do computerized color matching so you can be sure that you get the needed color. This means that any painting job performed on your vehicle at our shop will be hardly noticeable.
Auto Radiators Replacement and Repairs
Your vehicleís radiator keeps the engine temperature at the needed level. With damage, the radiatorís performance of your carís engine will be much lower, and with a broken radiator you wonít be able to move at all. But at our auto workshop you can have the radiator professionally repaired or replaced.
Auto Tune-Ups and Maintenance Service
There are certain things you can do yourself like tune-ups, for example. But we still highly recommend having a tune-up done by a specialist in our auto repair and service shop. With our equipment, your car will perform at its best.
Automobile Frame Straightening
Automobile frame straightening is a complex procedure, and it takes a lot of effort. But with professional equipment and great experience, our trained specialists can achieve wonderful results. Just come by and check for yourself. Your car will look and work just like new after it is repaired at our workshop.
Automotive Body Work
With a lot of experience in auto repairs, well-trained specialists, and high quality materials, we can offer you any kind of automotive bodywork. You will definitely be amazed by the quality of the auto repairs we provide. Just contact us and we will handle your carís repairs.
Automotive Starters Repairs
Although you do not need a starter to drive your car, you wonít be able to start moving without it. So you need to keep it in good condition. This is especially important if you live in a cold climate. It is recommended that you maintain the condition of your starter and repair it if necessary.
Belts & Hoses Replacement
Your car has a great number of different belts and hoses, and they all have to be in perfect condition. Cracks and other small damage to the belts and hoses are hard to notice. But the specialists at our workshop are well trained and they are ready to check and replace the belts and hoses in your car.
Brakes Repair and Replacement
To avoid serious accidents, you have to be sure of the proper functioning of your carís brakes. To ensure the reliability of your brakes, taking advantage of our repair and maintenance services is highly recommended. At our workshop you can have the brakes of your car carefully checked and repaired by our well- trained professionals at any time.
Bumper Repair
Damage to your carís bumper is pretty common. At our service shop we have the ability to provide you with the perfect bumper repair. Small scratches as well as serious damage to your vehicleís bumper will be easily repaired.
Car Batteries Replacement
The battery in your vehicle is not only used to start it, as many people think. The battery is also the heart of the entire electrical system. It serves as a stabilizer protecting the electrical components from damage. That is why we, at our shop, recommend that you get your battery repaired and replaced regularly.
Car Chassis Welding
The chassis is the basis of your vehicle and it has to be solid and reliable. That is why any repair of your carís chassis has to be professionally done. All the repair services including car chassis welding at our body shop are performed by specialists with only high quality materials.
Car Computer Diagnostics
State-of-the-art equipment installed in your car at our auto workshop allows us to conduct a complete computer diagnostics procedure of your vehicle. In that way we can check your car for all possible damages and provide all the services needed for the highest performance of your vehicle.
Car Emissions Repair
Most modern vehicles are equipped with a great number of different emission control devices, and this entire system has to be perfectly tuned to guarantee the higher performance and long life of your car. Our professional technicians use special equipment to provide you with perfect car emission repair service.
Car polishing, waxing and cleaning
When you come to us you get not only perfect repair service, but we also offer our clients a complete list of services. One of our services is auto detailing to make your driving experience much more pleasant. Just visit us and check out this service yourself.
Car Rental Services
It is quite obvious that you still need a vehicle when your own car has broken down. To ease your life, we are ready to offer you car rental service while your car is being treated by our highly professional specialists. All you need to do is let us know that you must have a replacement car.
Car Towing (for repairs)
When you get into such a serious accident that your car cannot move by itself, you can ask us to tow your car. Our professional equipment allows us to handle almost any car. So simply give us a call and relax Ė the rest of the repair is up to our workshop crew.
Car Water Pumps Replacement
A broken, or even slightly damaged, water pump can affect the performance of your vehicle and lead to serious damage of the engine. So to avoid high-cost repairs, you should have your water pump checked and replaced regularly. Our specialists are ready to repair your pump or install a new one.
Car Windshield Repair
Even a small scratch on the windshield of your car makes it looks really bad. The scratch could also easily lead to a serious accident if it is not repaired. Our vast experience in the area of auto repair service allows us to repair you carís windshield really fast and perfectly.
Car Winterizing
if you live in a region with a cold climate then you definitely need to prepare your car for the winter. Such preparation might also be needed if you plan to visit a cold region. We can always provide you with proper car winterizing to help your car withstand the low temperatures.
Catalytic Converters Repair
Most modern vehicles have catalytic converters installed in their exhaust systems. To get it to work correctly you need to check it regularly, and that can easily be done at our workshop, Technicians at our shop will check its proper functioning and repair the catalytic converter if it is necessary.
Clutches Repair and Replacement
The clutch is an important part of your car. If you hear any noises or have difficulty with the clutch, that might be a sign of a serious problem. In that case you should immediately visit an auto body shop. At our auto shop, we can repair or replace your clutch.
CV Joints Replacement
The CV joints are a special mechanism in your car which transfers torque to steered wheels at a constant speed. It is pretty complex and a CV joint problem is really hard to find. That is why you need a professional mechanic to maintain the proper condition of the CV joints or replace them in your vehicle.
Exhaust & Mufflers Replacement
Many people do not pay much attention to their carsí muffler and exhaust systems. But in fact these systems are a significant component of the overall performance, and any problem in the exhaust system can lower the carís performance. Just come to our workshop and we will repair or replace your exhaust and muffler systems if it is necessary.
Fiberglass Repairs
These days most cars have a great number of fiberglass elements and they are usually first to break in an accident. To repair fiberglass, high quality materials and well-trained specialists are needed. At our body shop, we have all that is essential to guarantee just the perfect repair.
Free Pick-Up and Delivery
To make your life easier when you have a problem with your car, we, at our auto repair and service workshop, offer free pick-up and delivery services. This means that you have nothing to worry about. Just give us a call and our specialists will handle everything needed for the repair.
Front End Repair Services
Even when you have a small head-on hit with some object or another vehicle, your carís front end can be seriously damaged. Front-end repairs are one of the most frequent services, and they have to be done carefully. With us you can get front-end repairs that will be invisible on your vehicle.
Oil and Filter Change
Contact us for a motor oil change and filter replacement maintenance service and engine of your vehicle will run longer.We use only the best products and parts, our prices are compatible, quality is superior and customer service is friendly. Why wait? We are ready to help you!
Paintless Dent Removal
If you have dents or dings on your vehicle, it is possible to remove them without painting your car, which significantly lowers the price of the repair. Specialists in our auto body shop will check your car for the possibility of a ďpaintlessĒ dent removal and fix your car really fast.
Power Steering Repair and Maintenance
Vehicles with power steering are much easier to drive. That is why more and more cars these days have power steering to provide a more comfortable ride. But such a complex system needs regular maintenance to work properly. At our auto service, you can get power-steering repairs and maintenance done at reasonable prices.
Shocks & Struts Repairs
Shocks and struts in your car absorb the bumps and jolts on the road making driving much more comfortable. But to have this comfort you need to maintain the shocks and struts properly by getting them checked up regularly. Professionals in our auto workshop can offer you shock and strut repairs if there is a problem.
Steering & Suspension Replacement
The suspensionóas well as the steering system of your vehicleóis a crucial part of your vehicle, and its repair should be performed only by professionals. At our auto workshop you will get only high quality steering and suspension repairs. And of course we use only high quality materials for this.
Timing Belts Replacement
The poor condition of the timing belt can significantly lower the overall performance of your vehicle. So for the better performance of your car, you need to control the condition and tension of your carís timing belt. We also recommend that you regularly replace the timing belt as an integral part of maintaining your car properly.
Tires Replacement and Repairs
The pressure and condition of your tires can seriously affect your driving. If you have old tires, or if they are incorrectly inflated, you might get into an accident, and of course nobody wants that. That is why it is important to keep your tires in good condition and replace and repair them when it is necessary to do so.
Touch-Up Car Painting
In some smaller accidents, cars are only slightly damaged, and there is no need for a serious repair and paint job. Although it might seem easy to get the paint on your car touched up, painting is a serious procedure, and it has to be done correctly. Our specialists guarantee high quality touch-up painting.
Wheel Replacement, Alignment, Balancing
When you turn the steering wheel, you always want your carís wheels to follow, but if the alignment or wheel balancing is off, you might have a problem. Just come to us and if there is a need for alignment, balancing, or wheel replacement, we will do these procedures right away.
Short Description
Highly qualified teem of auto body technicians in Worcester Auto Center will perform any body work, emission repairs, glass replacement and much more. Besides, we provide free towing! If you have a vehicle you definitely must know our phone number! Accidents will happen and you might need professional help any time.
Allston, Ashland, Boston, Braintree, Brighton, Brockton, Cambridge, Dedham, Everett, Hyde Park, Malden, Mattapan, Natick, Peabody, Quincy, Randolph, Somerville, Wakefield, Waltham, Watertown, Worcester
Obtaining a free auto repair estimate is quick and easy! Simply fill in our free auto repair estimate form, and we'll send you a free estimate right to your email. We know your time is valuable - so when your vehicle needs repair, you need reliable information fast. That's why we make it easy to get the trusted car repair advice you seek, right here at Auto Boston.
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