Auto repair service in MA, Boston
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Air Conditioning & Heater Core Repairs

Browse our extensive directory of auto Air Conditioning & Heater Core Repair services to find the best and most respected auto shops and technicians in your area. Find businesses that provide heater and cooling system recharging and repairs for your car. A/C & Heater Repairs done by professionals listed in our database will last longer, with high quality work and reasonable prices guaranteed.

Alternators Check and Replacement

The alternator is an essential auto part without which engine cannot properly run. It's used to charge the car battery; as well as to power the car's electric system while its engine is running. Browse the auto businesses listed in our database to find professionals located in Boston, as well as the Greater Boston area, which specialize in the best-made and most powerful alternators available in the industry.


Auto Body Collision Repair

Are you looking for a body shop specializing in Auto Body Collision Repair after an accident? You're in the right place to find the best auto body repair and auto paint job providers to make your car like new. Collision repair centers with the latest auto body equipment, auto body products, and auto restoration technologies are presented right here in our database – all in one place. Just take time to browse our directory and find a business near you.

Auto Electric Service and Repair

Whether it's an issue with your car battery, car alternator, car starter, or anything else, we'll help you find a qualified auto technician in your area who can help. Our database lists trusted businesses specializing in Auto Electric Service and Repair, all experienced in troubleshooting issues with your car's circuit system. Keeping close watch on your vehicle's electrical system is crucial - if your car has electrical trouble, bring it to one of these auto shops and have a specialist look at your car today.

Auto Glass Repair and Replacement services

Browse our trusted directory for all your Auto Glass repair and replacement needs. Find auto shops providing auto glass repair and windshield replacement services. Businesses listed with us guarantee high quality work and the best parts, for very competitive prices. Find Mobile Glass repair businesses that are available to come to your home or office to replace your vehicle's auto glass. This is truly the most extensive listing of Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Services in your area.

Auto Paint, Computerized Color Matching

Browse our Auto Paint and Computerized Color Matching directory to easily find auto body shops and experts in computerized color matching, auto body painting and repairs using the latest technologies and equipment. Select one of these body shops and have your car painted and finished with computer-controlled color detection devices that allow the technician to determine the precise formula to match your car's paint color.

Auto Radiators Replacement and Repairs

Browse this list of businesses offering Auto Radiator Replacement and Repairs, including radiator hose, radiator heater, and radiator heating system services for very affordable prices. This is the perfect place to find specialists and auto shops in Boston, MA and the Boston area to have your car's radiator and overall heating system serviced by professionals in the industry using the best auto parts available in the industry.

Auto Tune-Ups and Maintenance Service

Our Tune-Ups directory contains information for the best auto technicians and auto shops specializing in one of the most essential elements in car maintenance. During the tune-ups and maintenance, auto specialists will identify and replace worn parts if needed, to insure that your car will continue running smoothly and safely. Call auto mile repair shops from our list and schedule an appointment for your vehicle tune-up quickly and easily!

Auto Window Tint installation

Would you like to protect your vehicle's interior from excessive heat, protect your upholstery, or simply have more privacy? Then, you're in the right place to find auto shops and auto technicians offering professional window tinting services located in Boston, MA. Browse our trusted Window Tint Installation web directory and contact any of these businesses to have window tint installed professionally as an after-market feature.

Automobile Frame Straightening

These days, vehicles are becoming especially sophisticated and complex; as such, auto body repair shops must have the best equipment, knowledge, and the most experienced technicians to provide precise Frame Straightening service and bring your car to its original shape. Browse our directory to find the best auto body shops and experts to handle the complex and exacting frame straightening process.

Automobile Upholstery Repair

Browse this extensive web directory of auto shops and auto professionals providing Upholstery Repair services, experienced in replacing your automobile's upholstery materials. Find auto upholstery shops offering a wide array of colors and densities in quality fabrics for auto seats. Call one of these auto shops and make an appointment to have the interior of your car renewed and made to look like brand new again!

Automotive Body Work

Car Body Work is the process of restoring of your automobile after an accident. It is crucial to select the right auto shop specializing in collision repair and refinishing. Using our extended directory, you will find a reputable auto shop for all your necessary auto body repairs and automotive body painting following a collision for domestic and imported cars. Select from these trusted businesses serving customers from Boston, MA and the Boston area.

Automotive Starters Repairs

The starter is one of the most important auto parts to maintain – without a working starter motor, you won't get very far! Fortunately, these automobile repair shops and auto services have domestic and import starters, offering even the most specialized starter for the highest performance. Browse our directory for highly quality auto technicians in the Boston area to service your car, including new or refurbished starters.

Belts & Hoses Replacement

Every car owner wants to be driving a reliable car, but we don't usually think about preventive maintenance beyond the oil and filter change. But Belts and Hoses age, and many problems can start to occur as a result. Have your vehicle inspected by one of the trusted auto care professionals listed in our database, and let them to replace those key parts of your vehicle - belts and hoses.

Brakes Repair and Replacement

Regular inspection of your car's Brakes should be part of your automobile maintenance. It's crucial to be certain that you're driving a safe and reliable car, and as such, it's recommended to inspect brakes once a year. If you experience a hard brake pedal, squealing or squeaking, etc., be sure to inspect your brake system and have it fixed if needed – just select one of auto shops presented in our directory. Professionalism is guaranteed!

Bumper Repair

The bumper allows your vehicle to experience impact with another while protecting your car's frame from extensive damage. Using our directory, you'll be able to find auto shops specializing in Bumper Repair for a low price. Bumpers don't always have to be replaced when damaged - in fact, they can be reconditioned using special techniques. Our experienced technicians can repair torn, detached, scuffed, or scratched bumpers. They can offer low-cost solutions for your entire auto cosmetic and reconditioning needs. All you have to do is give them a call and make an appointment.

Car Audio & Electronics

Ensuring good sounding quality for your car audio system is a multistage process; only the best and most skilled technicians can make sure that your car's audio is sounding its best. Our Car Audio & Electronics directory provides comprehensive information and numerous contacts for auto professionals specializing in the installation of quality sound systems, including all types of automotive electronics.

Car Batteries Replacement

A Car Battery is a type of rechargeable battery that provides electric energy to a vehicle. You can get maximum performance for your car with the proper size and power recommended by your car manufacturers. A wrong-sized battery may not fit properly and securely. Auto shops located in Boston and the Greater Boston area listed in our extensive database will advise you and supply your car with the quality, long-lasting car battery best-suited for your vehicle.

Car Chassis Welding

Our Chassis Welding directory is one of the best sources for information and contacts for auto shops specializing in Chassis Welding repairs located in Boston and the Greater Boston area. Browse our directory to find professionals, auto technicians, auto body shops, and dealerships providing the finest and highest quality services for your car after accidents. You're in the right place to find the best repair and maintenance services - just one click away from the best technicians to fix your vehicle.

Car Computer Diagnostics

Effective Car Computer Diagnostics and repairs need state-of-the-art equipment, expertise, and latest knowledge from the automotive world. Browse our auto catalog and find the best automotive repair shops and garages located in Boston, MA. They offer the latest computer systems to analyze the issues with your vehicle, as well as what types of repairs are needed to fix them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Car Emissions Repair

Your car failed the required emissions inspection, and you need to find a specialist to fix the problem quickly. Browse our catalog and find the best Certified Car Emissions Repair Facilities, emission repair technicians, and experts in emission-related repairs for cars and trucks - all located in Boston, MA.

Car polishing, waxing and cleaning

Auto detailing is the process of polishing and thorough cleaning of the inside and outside of the car. Browse our list for the auto shops located in Boston or the Greater Boston area, including South and North of the city. Find car wax, car polish and other quality car care products and car-cleaning supplies to make your car look like new. Always be sure to have your vehicle professionally cleaned for the best result!

Car Rental Services

Browse our continuously expanding directory to find auto shops in the Boston area offering Car Rental Services while your car is in the shop. These businesses have a huge selection of vehicles to satisfy your automotive needs while your own car is being serviced. Businesses from the list will contact your insurance company and solve all your problems regarding rentals for the period of repairs. Just contact the one of your choice for all repairs and auto rentals.

Car Towing (for repairs)

Browse our Towing web directory for auto shops and garages providing reliable towing services for your vehicle. Businesses from the list will arrive at the site of an accident or at your home or office and tow your car to the body shop. Prompt Emergency Towing Service is also available - just contact our experts and they will carefully deliver your car to the place where quality repairs will be done.

Car Water Pumps Replacement

Water Pumps function to feed cooling liquid to each part of the engine, allowing it to maintain a normal temperature while in use. It is very important to replace your car's water pump on time and ensure that your cooling system is properly functioning. Call any of the auto maintenance technicians and auto shops from our directory, make an appointment for your water pump replacement or check up today.

Car Windshield Repair
Browse our extensive Car Windshield Repair directory and find auto shops specializing in windshield repair that give consumers a cost-saving alternative to windshield replacement. Find auto technicians using the best materials on the market to fix windshield cracks and windshield chips. You are just a click away from one of the best solutions in fixing or replacing your vehicle's windshield.
Car Winterizing

Under cold weather conditions, most cars perform a little slower than usual. In the winter, the oil takes longer to circulate, and the engine longer to reach operating temperature; similar issues occur with other auto parts. We recommend browsing our directory for auto shops and automobile technicians ready to provide quality and quick Car Winterizing, ensuring that your vehicle has no issues come winter.

Catalytic Converters Repair

Every car on the road contribute to air pollution - collectively, the amount of pollution that our vehicles produce can amount to a significant environmental impact. The auto shops listed here offer the highest quality Catalytic Converters that convert those harmful pollutants into less harmful emissions. What's more,these services offer very affordable rates. Above all, every auto shop listed here holds customer satisfaction as its number one priority. They guarantee quality service in the installation of catalytic converters.

Clutches Repair and Replacement

The Clutch plays a very important role in your vehicle, as it transmits power from the engine to the wheels. The most common problem is that the friction on the disc causes the material to wear out. If you're experiencing problems with the clutch on your car, just select one of the auto repair shops from our database; they will ensure a safe and comfortable drive.

CV Joints Replacement

CV Joints transfer the torque at a constant speed to steered wheels and accommodate the up and down motions of the suspension. If your Constant Velocity Joints need replacing, browse our directory and visit one of the many respected auto body shops and diagnostic centers for a cost-effective replacement.

Exhaust & Mufflers Replacement

If you're experiencing Exhaust & Muffler problems don't look further that our trusted directory of auto body shops and centers offering replacement and services related to engines, engine emissions, emission measurement and control. Check our web site for discounted performance auto parts and performance exhaust systems!

Fiberglass Repairs

You've been in an auto accident, your car requires auto body work - collision repairs, painting and Fiberglass Repairs. Find the best auto body shops in your area, all listed in our directory. For all your fiberglass repairs and spot painting needs, you're just a click away from contacting professionals to make your vehicle look brand new again.

Free Pick-Up and Delivery

We know that having your vehicle serviced can be an inconvenience - that's why we fill our directory with auto body shops providing Free Pick-Up and Delivery for customers throughout the entire Boston Area. Browse our directory and find auto repair businesses who will pick-up your car, bring it to the shop, perform quality work, and deliver your car back to your home or office. Get a free ride while your car is serviced.

Front End Repair Services

Browse our comprehensive directory for experienced auto technicians who perform auto Front End and wheel alignment services. The best professionals and auto repair mechanics serving customers in Boston, MA and the Boston area are listed here. Car care services from our database strive to provide the absolute best in full service auto repairs and maintenance.

Oil and Filter Change

The Oil and Filter Change is a crucial element of vehicle maintenance, and needs to be done on time. The engine oil deposits lubricant and drains heat from the engine's elements. The oil filter removes harmful deposits from engine oil. It is generally recommended to change the oil every 3 months or every 3500 miles to be sure that your car is performing at its best. Consult our auto technician professionals on what the best time period for your car model is with respect to oil and filter change.

Paintless Dent Removal

Browse our Paintless Dent Removal services listing and find auto body shops and specialists in the area who perform paintless dent removal and paintless dent repair. Skilled technicians will quickly remove dents on every car model with paintless dent repair techniques that remove dent, door dings, hail damage, bumps, and other auto body damage.

Power Steering Repair and Maintenance

Browse our Power Steering Repair and Maintenance directory and find the best auto shops dedicated to providing new and refurbished steering products and services for customers in Boston, MA and the area. Experienced power steering specialists will be happy to service the power steering systems, pumps and power steering boxes for your domestic and foreign cars. Maintenance of the power steering system ensures maximum life for all power steering components.

Security & Safety

Is your vehicle protected by an alarm system?. Now more than ever, it's crucial to secure your car against theft and other threats. Browse our Security & Safety directory to find reliable auto shop and technicians serving the Greater Boston Area. Find the most comprehensive selection in security service, security systems, fire safety, auto alarms & anti-creep devices for all makes and models.

Shocks & Struts Repairs

Browse our web directory for automobile technicians and shops specializing in Shocks & Struts Repairs, designed to help keep your tires on the road. The condition of your car's shocks and struts is crucial to a smooth ride and can determine the effectiveness of your brakes. Find auto shop in Boston, MA area for quality affordable service for your vehicle shocks and struts.

Steering & Suspension Replacement
Steering and Suspensions are two systems that have the important job of controlling where your car goes and how it drives. Browse this directory to quickly find the best auto shops, garages, dealerships, and auto technicians who specialize in issues pertaining to the suspension system - that which interacts directly with the steering system to provide vehicle control. This feature is crucial to your comfort and safety, so be sure that these two systems work properly. Call one of the auto shop from our list today.
Timing Belts Replacement

Timing Belts (timing chain or cam belt) is a part of the combustion engine - that which controls the timing of the engine's valves. That is why in your motor timing is everything, and vital to the operation of your entire vehicle. Browse our directory and find reliable auto shops and auto technicians serving Boston, MA and the Boston area who specialize in timing belt replacement services. This job needs to be done on time and every car brand and model has their own schedule for this procedure.

Tires Replacement and Repairs

Our Tires Replacement and Repairs directory is the best source of information for car tire services or new tires. Find auto repair information and links to auto shops, service centers and garages located in Boston, MA and the Boston area. These businesses offer quality tire service, tires repairs and different types of tires - touring tires, performance tires and more. Auto technicians will check your tires for any signs of abnormality, poor inflation, or damage. You are just a click away from a safe and comfortable ride.

Touch-Up Car Painting

Browse one of the largest databases for paint Touch-Up services, auto body shops and garages located in Boston, MA and the Boston area. This is the affordable way to take care of chips on your car caused by rocks, small debris and scratches on the exterior surface of your vehicle. Contact one of the auto shops on our list to ensure a meticulous paint job on the entire body panel, hood, etc.

Wheel Replacement, Alignment, Balancing

A properly aligned vehicle protects you from spending money on tire replacement and suspension repairs down the line. Auto shops and certified technicians recommend you have your car's alignment checked every 6 months or 6000 miles. Auto shops listed in our Wheel Replacement, Alignment, and Balancing web directory perform alignments using the latest computerized technologies for wheel fitting, balancing and alignment services. Specialists also repair damages to alloy wheel rims caused by scuffs, corrosion, and scratches.
Looking for affordable auto repair service in MA? is the ultimate resource for quality auto repair and maintenance at the best rates. You've found a complete list of the best auto body services in the Greater Boston Area right here-you're guaranteed to find the best auto center near you!
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